Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Noam was sick most of last week though on his good days we did do some work. On Wednesday we did an hour long body scan meditation from the mindfulness course I'm taking. We both lay on the ground while listening to a CD which walked us through a meditation. On Thursday we listening to a CBC radio program about placebos and the placebo effect. Afterwards we talked about the nature of sickness and the power of the mind to heal ourselves.

Today Noam wanted to learn cartooning so we spent a lot of the morning drawing. We found a great cartooning website and followed along.

This is Noam with his first drawing. Very proud. He was a little hesitant to do any more but then I convinced him that we should try drawing Archie from one of his Archie comics:

After cartooning for a while we did a 15 minute sit meditation followed by wrestling. After the wrestling, a massage for me (from Noam) then a game of chess (I won!). By then we were almost out of time with only 20 minutes left. We went through a list of things that I have written down that I want to teach/learn about with him and gave him a choice of: political geography (learning where the countries are), more memory work or learning to juggle. He went for juggling as he seemed to be in a very physical mood today. Since I know how to juggle I'm going to try to teach him in the way I was taught, which is to learn to "juggle" one ball at a time. So that's what he spent the rest of the morning on.

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