Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have to try and remember to do these blog posts immediately after class otherwise I forget what we did! Our days on Thursdays start off a little later because I have to get Maeve to school so I asked Noam to read some more of Harry Stottlemeier's Discovery until I got back. I'm also reading the book and really enjoying it. The book teaches about logic and syllogisms and fallacies but through a very engaging story. When I got back Noam just wanted to continue reading.

We didn't have a lot of time because Sasa, Noam's chess teacher normally arrives at 10:30 so I decided we should try and put into practice some of the memory lessons we had learned on Wednesday instead of continued reading. To begin I thought I would get a baseline for Noam's ability to remember a random list of ten words. After that I was going to teach him how to use yesterdays work to actually memorize them, but first I wanted to show him how it was very difficult to remember anything without tricks. So I gave Noam a list of ten words and he stared at it for a while then gave it back and I asked him the words and he got them all! What he had done is use the system from the day before himself, without being taught--he had made the connection on his own which I was quite impressed by because it was by no means an obvious connection.

Around 10:30 Sasa called to say that he couldn't make it because he had had spilled coffee all over his computer so we rescheduled for Friday. Noam wanted to continue doing the memory lists--he seemed quite excited to have figured it out.

After that we wrestled for most of the rest of the time.

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