Friday, June 3, 2011

Noam started off the day at Sandra's (as he normally would do on a Friday on Sandra's weekend) but then came over here at 10:30 for his chess lesson. Sandra came to meet Sasa and watch Noam play. Sasa and Noam started off the lesson by playing two games. After he went through a game from a magazine where he had Noam try to guess the next moves of the grand master who was playing. Noam amazingly did very well in guessing. Meanwhile I played the amateur opponent so I had to guess the amateur moves. I think I didn't do as well as Noam.

Sasa suggested that we take Noam to play at the Swansea chess club on Saturdays where it is just kids playing. I think Noam would probably really like this if we could convince him to go.

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