Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today I had to take Maeve to the dentist so I left Noam with instructions to play chess on until Sasha got here at 10:30. I also suggested that he watch some videos on where there are videos on openings, famous games, strategies and tactics and so forth. I managed to get back on time for the start of his lesson with Sasha. They went over some of the games he played on line last night and today, looking at the games move by move. Noam seemed a little hesitant to answer questions and fully engage, much like he was at first with Colin and guitar or with his many other endeavours. But he seems to like Sasha and I thought Sasha did a really good job of not putting him on the spot. Melissa has suggested that maybe I shouldn't attend the lessons with Noam because he might feel overwhelmed having two adults peering over him and asking questions. So I might try backing off a bit. Unfortunately I had to leave early to head off to another appointment so didn't get to see how the lesson ended. So today was chess, chess, chess. I forgot to assign homework for Noam but will give him some to do over the weekend. Tomorrow I think we'll head back into science and experiments which Noam seemed to really like.

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